On 24 September 2015 Russia launched a construction of an early-warning radar node, reportedly of the Voronezh-M type, near Vorkuta. The radar, which has been in the plans since at least 2013, will probably replace the old Daryal radar in Pechora. Apparently the new radar node will include two radars, located at some distance from each other.

The exact location of the new radars is not known - the terrain there is really flat, which makes geolocation a bit difficult. A video shot from a local TV story can provide a clue, though:


The smokestack on the background appears to be the power station in Severny, near Vorkuta, which means that the radar is likely to be to the north-west from that place. Indeed, according to one report, the radar is built "a few kilometers from Vograshor", which is exactly there.

UPDATE: The other candidate for the smokestack - Pechora Power Station, would have placed the new radar site somewhere to the East of the old Daryal radar. But it was eliminated thanks to artjomh.