The Strategic Rocket Forces released an update on the missile life extensions. Service life of R-36M2/SS-18 is said to be extended to 27 years, Topol/SS-25 - to 26 years. Also, the Rocket Forces expect UR-100NUTTH to serve 36 years and Topol-M - at least 15 years (this is likely to be extended later).

These numbers don't quite match what the Rocket Forces said before. Back in 2012, R-36M2 was said to be good for 30 years. Moreover, it was hoped that the missile could stay in service for 33 years. It is down to 27 years now. I wouldn't rule out that the reduction was a result of the recent events in Ukraine, which made it more difficult to count on Yuzhmash representatives to service the missiles.

Topol seems to get a cut as well - with the 26 years service life it would remain on duty until about 2018 - the last missiles were deployed in 1992. Earlier it was expected to remain active until 2021. It's possible, however, that some Topol missiles were manufactured and deployed after 1992, so it may well be that it would indeed stay until 2021.

The confidence in UR-100NUTTH, on the other hand, seems to be growing - it got an extension from 35 (reported in December 2013) to 36 years.