On May 23, 2014 at 09:27:54 MSK (05:27:54 UTC) the Space Forces conducted a successful launch of a Rockot space launcher with Briz-KM booster stage from the launch pad No. 3 of the launch complex No. 133 of the Plesetsk test site. The three spacecraft delivered into orbit are believed to be military communication satellites of the Strela/Rodnik type.

The satellites are likely to receive designations Cosmos-2496, Cosmos-2497, and Cosmos-2498. NORAD catalog numbers are 39761, 39762, and 39763, international designations - 2014-028A, 2014-028B, and 2014-028C.

Previous launch of Rodnik-type satellites took place in December 2013. It also used the Rockot launcher, which is a converted UR-100NUTTH ICBM.

Since the December 2013 launch apparently delivered into orbit a fourth satellite, believed to be Cosmos-2491, it's possible that this pattern continued with the current launch. In this case, object 2014-028D/39761 could be Cosmos-2499. However, this will be clear only after the next Cosmos launch.

UPDATE 11/19/14: Cosmos-2499 is the object 2014-028E/39765. It caused quite a commotion when it started maneuvering in June 2014. 2014-028D is, in fact, 39764 is the Breeze booster state. The NORAD numbers of Rodnik satellites are updated as well.