According to a source quoted by Kommersant today, Russia has produced the total of 46 Bulava missiles, 19 of which have been already expended in flight tests. Five of the remaining 27 missiles are being returned to the Votkinsk plant, where they will have telemetry equipment installed. This is series of five tests that was ordered by the minister of defense after the failed launch in September 2013. The tests are expected to begin in May-June 2014.

After the series is completed (presumably successfully) the navy will be able to equip the two Project 955 submarines that have been already accepted for service - Yuri Dolgorukiy and Vladimir MonomakhAlexandr Nevskiy - so they could begin actual service in 2014.

It is interesting to note that the number of test missiles quoted in Kommersant is different from the number of tests in my list - I have 20 test missiles (in 19 tests as one was a salvo launch). I'm not sure what the explanation is. One possible culprit is the November 2007 test, which has never been officially announced.

Anyway, whatever is the history, there is no reason to doubt the number of missiles that are currently available for tests or deployment - 27. Given that five will be expended in tests, to have enough Bulava missiles for two submarines, Votkinsk would have to produce 10 missiles. That should be doable, assuming that the tests do not uncover any new problems.