The Air and Space Defense Forces began deployment of a network of over-the-horizon (OTH) radars, code-named "Kontainer". The first one began "experimental-combat" operations in Kovylkino, Mordovia on 2 December 2013. The radar is reported to have a range of about 3000 km, which allows it to detect aircraft over large part of Europe (the video shows operators looking at air traffic over Denmark).

It is most likely that the OTH radar network is being built to provide a warning against air-breathing targets - aircraft and cruise missiles. I wouldn't be surprised if it is also capable of detecting the kind of glider vehicles that are considered for Prompt Global Strike missions.

UPDATE: Here is the radar on Yandex Maps.

UPDATE 12/09/2013: The station is now reportedly functions "in combat mode".

UPDATE: Jane's reports that the radar has separate transmitter and receiver. Kovylkino is the location of the receiver. Transmitter is located near Gorodets.