Russia might consider bringing back rail-mobile ICBMs - the Moscow Institute of Thermal Technology is expected to complete a draft proposal by the summer of 2014. The decision to proceed with the system has not been made yet, but the idea apparently has support of the commander of the Strategic Rocket Forces. Press reports suggest that Karakayev said that the work on rail-mobile missiles is a response to the U.S. Prompt Global Strike plans.

It is likely that the system will include the RS-24 Yars missile deployed on a rail-mobile TEL. Unlike the earlier rail-mobile ICBM, RT-23UTTH/SS-24, RS-24 Yars is compact enough to fit into a standard-size railroad car.

The chances that the new project will be approved appear to be fairly high. The idea of rail-mobile missiles has plenty of supporters in Russia and virtually no opponents. The only problem is the cost, but in the past it never deterred the current leadership. Indeed, the proposal was considered several years ago and at that time the military said that there is no immediate need to return to rail-mobile missiles. But in the past year or so, that decision was reconsidered and MITT was asked to prepare a draft technical project. So, there is a certain momentum behind the idea.