Commander of the Air and Space Defense Forces, Maj.-Gen. Aleksandr Golovko, provided an update on the early-warning radars construction plans. According to Golovko, construction of new radars is being completed in Irkutsk (Mishelevka) and Kaliningrad and new construction is launched in Yeniseysk, Orsk, Barnaul and Vorkuta. Information about these radars have been published earlier. The only exception is Vorkuta - there was a report that new radars will replace the ones in Pechora and Olenegorsk, but this is the first time one of these is officially named. It appears that the Vorkuta radar will replace the old Daryal radar in Pechora.

UPDATE: At a working meeting in Sochi, President Putin said that Russia will bring into operation seven new early-warning radars in the next five years in addition to the three - in Lekhtusi, Armavir, and Kaliningrad - that he listed as operational. These appear to be the second radar in Armavir, two radars in Michelevka, and radars in Orsk, Barnaul, Vorkuta, and Olenegorsk.

UPDATE: Apparently Vorkuta is the name that is used for the Pechora site (in the same way Irkutsk is used to refer to Mishelevka).