The Strategic Rocket Forces completed deployment of the first full regiment of RS-24 Yars missiles. As a result, the Teykovo division now has nine missiles of this type.

The first three RS-24 missiles entered service in the first half of 2010, the other three – in December 2010. The incomplete regiment of six missiles began combat service in March 2011. Shortly afterwards, the Rocket Forces announced that three more RS-24 missiles will be deployed in 2011. Now that this deployment is completed, no more RS-24 missiles are expected to enter service in 2011.

Meanwhile, the minister of defense promised recently that production of ICBMs of all types will triple in 2011-2015 compared to the 2006-2010 period (I will have to look at the numbers to see what this would mean in practice). His optimism, however, is not quite shared by Yuri Solomonov, who gave a very interesting interview to Kommersant.