Russia's last plutonium production reactor, ADE-2 at Zheleznogorsk, was shut down at midnight on May 31, 2009 (at 24:00 MSK according to one report, which was 04:00, June 1st in Zheleznogorsk). The shutdown is not permanent yet - officially, the reactor has been stopped for maintenance and could be restarted in September if the replacement power station is not ready by that time. According to the U.S.-Russian agreement, the reactor should be shut down completely no later than 2010.

Since 1994, the ADE-2 reactor and its two counterparts in Seversk, ADE-4 and ADE-5, which were shut down in April 2008 and June 2008 respectively, have been producing weapon-grade plutonium that was placed in storage as plutonium oxide - about 8 tonnes in Zheleznogorsk and 10 tonnes at Seversk. All this material will be consolidated at Zheleznogorsk.