On October 12, 2008 two submarines - K-84 Ekaterinburg of the Northern Fleet and K-506 Zelenograd (Project 667BDR) of the Pacific Fleet - performed successful launches of their missiles.

The Ekaterinburg submarine of the Project 667BDRM class conducted a launch of a R-29RM missile from a submerged the Barents Sea toward the Kura test site in Kamchatka. Unlike the test a day before, on October 11, 2008, this one was not reported to be a test of the Sineva modification of the R-29RM missile. It appears that Ekaterinburg normally carries older R-29RM missiles, but can be used to launch Sineva as well.

The Zelenograd submarine of the Project 667BDR class launched its R-29R missile from a submerged position in the Sea of Okhotsk toward the Chizha test site in Kola Peninsula.

The tests were conducted as part of the Stabilnost-2008 exercise.