The Wall Street Journal just published a second op-ed by George Shultz, Bill Perry, Henry Kissinger and Sam Nunn that calls for a nuclear-weapon free world. If the first one, published a year ago, provided a vision, this one outlines a number of steps that can be undertaken without much delay.

I think it is a very good letter. Most steps outlined there are hardly controversial (at least they should not be) - extending START, eliminating hair-trigger alert, getting U.S. and Russia to commit to further reductions, getting the United States to ratify the CTBT. But it is, of course, very important to see all of them together and united by the ultimate goal of getting rid of nuclear weapons. Among other things, it is very good to see that the op-ed mentions the Minot incident as something that we all should worry about.

Overall, the discussion at the meetings at Hoover (I'm glad I had a chance to be at the first meeting in 2006 and was invited to take part in the 2007 one) was extremely encouraging. It was good to see that even the cold-war stalwarts (you know who they are) can talk seriously about elimination of nuclear weapons.

The Hoover Institution posted videos of all sessions on its web site: Opening remarks, Session 1 and Session 2 of Day 1, George Shultz reading Arnold Schwarzenegger's keynote address (he could not come himself because of the fires in Southern California), Session 1 and Session 2 of Day 2.