The K-117 Bryansk submarine of the Project 667BDRM class has left Severodvinsk to join the Northern Fleet, according to an ARMS-TASS report. The overhaul of the submarine, which began in July 2002, was completed in November 2007. It is expected that the submarine will enter active service in February 2008.

This is the fourth Project 667BDRM submarine that has underwent overhaul in recent years - K-51 Verkhoturie, K-84 Ekaterinburg, and K-114 Tula were the first three. K-18 Karelia is still at the Zvezdochka plant and K-407 Novomoskovsk will probably join it there soon.

It appears that during the overhaul submarines are equipped with new R-29RM Sineva missiles. They are expected to remain in active service for at least ten years.