On September 11, 2007 at 17:05:06 MSK (13:05:06 UTC) the Space Forces successfully launched a Kosmos-3M rocket from the launch pad No. 1 of the launch complex No. 132 of the Plesetsk launch site. According to Space Forces representative, the spacecraft, designated Cosmos-2429, successfully reached its orbit at 18:08 MSK. The command center of the Space Forces took control over the satellite at 18:39 MSK.

Cosmos-2429 received international designation 2007-038A and NORAD catalog number 32052. According to NORAD data, Cosmos-2429 was deployed in an orbit with inclination of 82.96 degrees, orbital period of about 105 minutes, apogee of 970 km, and perigee of about 1010 km. This indicates that the satellite is a navigation satellite of the Parus system, which used these orbits in the past.

Previous launch of a Parus satellite, Cosmos-2414, took place in January 2005. The current launch appears to be initially scheduled to take place in November 2006, then moved to the first quarter of 2007, and finally – to September 2007.