The 12th Main Directorate of the Ministry of Defense (also known as 12th GUMO) celebrates its 60th anniversary on September 4th, 2007. The directorate, which is responsible for handling nuclear weapons in the military, has a fairly good record - I don't think there have been any reports about accidents with Soviet or Russian nuclear weapons (it's possible, of course, that we just don't know about them, but I believe that had there been anything serious we would have learned about it already).

What I find curious (and, frankly, somewhat disturbing) is that the anniversary celebrations will include (and appear to be centered around) a service at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow.

Alas, this kind of things is nothing new. After all, it was President Putin who linked the religion and nuclear weapons at his February press-conference:

Q: [...] As the President of Russia, what is your opinion of Orthodoxy’s role in the country’s future? And the second question. What strategy is there in nuclear and military sectors?

VLADIMIR PUTIN: These themes are closely connected because both the traditional faiths of the Russian Federation and Russia’s nuclear shield are two things that strengthen Russian statehood and create the necessary conditions for ensuring the country’s internal and external security. [...]

On the other hand, the connection has been there from the very beginning - Sarov, the city that hosted the first Soviet nuclear weapon laboratory and that had been known as Arzamas-16, was a place of the Sarov Monastery (which was closed in 1927). Now, St. Serafim Sarovskiy, the founder of the monastery, is considered the patron of the 12th Directorate.

Still, I would much rather see the military keeping the church out of things nuclear.