As part of a presentation series organized by AAAS Center for Science, Technology and Security Policy, Ted Postol gave a seminar at the Congress. Ted kindly agreed to let me post his slides online. Here is the pdf copy - The Proposed US Missile Defense in Europe:
Technological Issues Relevant to Policy
(6 Mb).

One of Ted's main points (and I agree with him on that completely) is that whatever the politics of the issue, decisions should be based on accurate information. In this case, as he shows, the Missile Defense Agency claim that interceptors in Poland cannot reach Russian missiles is simply wrong. It is debatable whether this would make any difference, but this kind of misleading statements made by MDA certainly do not help the political situation.

[UPDATE 09/07/07: Russian-language version of the slides is available as well (PDF file, 8.4 Мб)]