The missile that was used to launch a German Earth observation satellite TerraSAR-X from Baykonur is a R-36MUTTH (SS-18, RS-20B) missile, which had been on active duty for 23 years. According to the Strategic Rocket Forces, the missile was removed from service in 2005 and, after a brief time in storage, was transferred to the Dnepr space launch program in 2006.

The launch took place at 06:14 MSK (02:14 UTC). The satellite was successfully delivered into orbit. It was reported that the missile used a new payload shroud that allows it to accommodate larger satellites - more than 5 meters long.

Technically, the launches of R-36MUTTH missiles are conducted as part of the effort to liquidate these missiles, which is part of strategic arms reductions. R-36M2 launches, on the other hand, are conducted as part of the missile life-extension program. In any event, the launches give the Strategic Rocket Forces an opportunity to earn some money in the process. The Dnepr launches are handled by the Kosmotras company.