On June 29, 2007 Russia launched a Zenith-2M rocket from the Baykonur launch site. The launch was performed at 14:00 MSK (10:00 UTC). The satellite that was successfully delivered to orbit, designated Cosmos-2428, is a Tselina-2 electronic intelligence satellite. Cosmos-2428 is likely to be the last satellite of this class.

Cosmos-2428 was given an international designation 2007-029A and the NORAD number 31792. According to NORAD data, inclination of the initial orbit of Cosmos-2428 is 71.0 degrees, orbital period is about 102 minutes. Apogee of the orbit is about 880 km, perigee – 850 km.

Satellites of the Tselina-2 class are general-purpose electronic intelligence satellites. The program began in the 1970s and the first satellite was launched in 1984. Previous satellite of this type, Cosmos-2406, was launched in June 2004. Tselina-2, as well as the US-PU naval electronic intelligence system, is expected to be replaced by the Liana system. The first launch of a satellite of the Liana type is expected in 2008. Liana satellites will be launched from Plesetsk by the Soyuz-U launcher.