On July 21, 2006 Russia successfully launched a Molniya-M rocket from the launch pad No. 2 of the launch complex No. 16 of the Plesetsk launch site. The launch was performed at 08:20 MSK (04:20 UTC). The satellite that was delivered into orbit, designated Cosmos-2422, was reported to be a new satellite of the US-KS early-warning system (also known as Oko).

The satellite was given the international designation 2006-030A and the NORAD catalog number 29260. According to the NORAD data, inclination of the initial orbit of Cosmos-2422 is 62.85 degrees, orbital period is about 704 minutes. Apogee of the orbit is about 39,000 km, perigee -- 860 km. According to the Space Forces, Cosmos-2422 reached its orbit at 09:16:25 MSK and was taken under control by the crews of the Main Space Systems Center (GITsIU KS) at 09:52 MSK.

Cosmos-2422 is deployed in an orbital plane that is located between those occupied by two other US-KS satellites on highly-elliptical orbits -- Cosmos-2388 and Cosmos-2393, both of which appear to be operational. This may indicate that the launch of Cosmos-2422 is supposed to upgrade the current constellation rather than replace one of the satellites.