On June 25, 2006 Russia successfully launched a Tsyklon-2 rocket from the launch complex No. 90 of the Baykonur launch site. The launch was performed by Roskosmos crews at 08:00 MSK (04:00 UTC). The satellite delivered into orbit, designated Cosmos-2421, is a new satellite of the US-PU naval reconnaissance and targeting system (a.k.a. EORSAT or Legenda).

The satellite was given the international designation 2006-026A and the NORAD catalog number 29247. According to NORAD data, inclination of the initial orbit of Cosmos-2421 is 65 degrees, orbital period is about 93 minutes. Apogee of the orbit is about 430 km, perigee - 409 km.

Cosmos-2421 is the only operational US-PU satellite in orbit. Its predecessor, Cosmos-2405, launched in May 2004, completed its mission in April 2006.