As I wrote earlier, there is still some uncertainty about locations of the longrange interceptor sites of the A-135 Moscow ABM system. An intelligence estimate of the early 1980s, Soviet Ballistic Missile Defense, NIE 11-13-82, 13 October 1982, has some data on the early deployment of the A-135 system.

A map on p. 17 of the document shows silo construction activity at Skhodnya (the site is designated B-31, 16 silos), Vnukovo (B-22, 12 silos), Lytkarino (B-16, "Probable new ABM complex"), Sofrino (B-02, 12 silos). No activity in Korolev is shown, which probably means that construction there started later.

The map also shows silo construction next to the A-35 sites - 8 silos were built in Sergiyev Posad (next to the E-05 Galosh site with 8 launchers) and 8 silos - in Naro Fominsk (next to the E-24 Galosh site with 8 launchers). Two other A-350/Galosh sites identified on the map are Klin and Nudol. Unfortunately, this doesn't help answer the question about how many long-range interceptor (51T6) sites are there - 16 silos are not shown on the map. They could be next to the silos in Sergiyev Posad and Naro Fominsk, but could be in Klin and Nudol. I should certainyl look for maps with better resolution.