Arkhangelsk region is giving the Plesetsk launch site really hard time with launches of NDMH-based rockets. In January 2005 it pledged to stop Tsyklon launches (the Khrunichev Center recently came up with a proposal to convert the Tsyklon launch complex for the light version of Angara).

Now it seems to be the Kosmos-3M turn. At a recent roundtable at Arkhangelsk, a representative of the Ministry of Defense said that there will be no more NDMH-fueled rocket launches there. The only exception was made for Rockot launchers (converted SS-19 missile) - the Khrunichev Center has a few in stock and wants to use them.

This probably means that Kosmos-3M launches will be discontinued. It was reported earlier that Kosmos-3M will be eventually replaced by Rockot, but some doubts remained. Not that the situation is completely clear today, but it looks like Rockot emerged as a winner.