Google has done a great job covering the former Soviet Union (and I'm sure lot of other places) with satellite imagery. Of course, resolution is not very high for the moment, but it's more than enough to see all early-warning radars. Here they are (for details on what is what, see my article):

Mishelevka, Olenegorsk, Pushkino, Chekhov - transmitters and receivers, Kubinka - transmitters and receivers, Baranovichi - transmitter and receiver, Gabala, Yeniseyisk (I'm not sure about this one, since there is no radar there - it was demolished as violating the ABM Treaty), Pechora, Mukachevo -Daryal-U, Dnepr, Sevastopol, Balkhash, Skrunda.

Ironically, getting maps of all these places apparently turned out to be more difficult than getting their images from space.