The Space Forces is preparing to conduct a launch of a military satellite from Plesetsk some time in June. The launch, which was reported to be of a "Molniya-3M rocket", is not listed among Roskosmos launches for April-June, which indicates its military nature.

The "Molniya-3M" seems to be a reporter mistake - a combination of Molniya-3 and Kosmos-3M launcher designations, so it is not clear what kind of launch is planned. The plan of military launches for 2005 allows for both possibilities, but the only possible payload for Kosmos-3M would be a Parus navigation satellite (it seems that no Strela-3 launches are planned this year). Since a Parus satellites was launched just recently, a launch of a new satellite of this type is unlikely. So, the June launch is probably going to be that of a Molniya-M rocket.

As for the payload, it could be a new Molniya communication satellite or a new US-KS/Oko early-warning satellite on a highly-elliptical orbit. The early-warning constellation may need some upgrade, even though all three satellites that are currently in orbit seem to work just fine at the moment. At the same time, the capability provided by the three-satellite constellation is somewhat limited, so it is possible that the Space Forces will start an upgrade.