As the U.S.-Russian summit meeting in Bratislava draws closer, Russian politicians are getting increasingly paranoid about a certain idea that looks outlandish even if judged by the incredibly low standarts of Russian politics, ridden with all kinds of conspiracy theories.

The idea is that in Bratislava the United States will demand control over Russian nuclear facilities and strategic forces infrastructure. This idea was first mentioned in some news reports and then made its way to a political statement issued by the Rodina party and is actively discussed by military hawks, like General Leonid Ivashov.

The matter became serious enough for the Russian Foreign Ministry to feel it has to issue a statement to calm the emotions down.

Of course, the United States would never dream of asking, let alone demanding, anything like this. However, this nervousness in the conservative camp indicates that after a series of terrorist attacks in Russia even the hawks seem to admit that Russia is doing very poor job of protecting its critical assets.