On November 29, 2004 Russia carried out a successful test of an anti-missile interceptor. The test was conducted at 11:00 MSK (08:00 UTC) at the Sary-Shagan test site in Kazakhstan. The Space Forces announced that the test was part of the program to extend operational life of the interceptors.

The official statements indicate that is was a test of an interceptor of the A-135 missile defense system deployed around Moscow. The system includes interceptors of two types – short-range 53T6 (Gazelle) and 32 long-range 51T6 (Gorgon). According to some reports (Lenta.ru), it was a test of the short-range 53T6 missile, which seems quite likely – the last test of this missile was conducted on November 2, 1999, while the 51T6 interceptor was last tested on October 2, 2002.