On June 10, 2004 Russia successfully launched a Zenith-2 rocket from the launch complex No. 45 of the Baykonur launch site. The launch was performed at 5:28 MSK (04:28 DMV, 01:28 UTC). The satellite delivered into orbit was designated Cosmos-2406 (see note on designations).

Cosmos-2406 is reported to be a new Tselina-2 (11F644) electronic intelligence satellite. The last satellite of this type, Cosmos-2369 (26069/2000-006A), was launched in February 2000. Tselina-2 spacecraft were produced by NPO Yuzhmash in Ukraine and it was reported earlier that the Tselina-2 system is being decommissioned to be replaced by a new system.

Cosmos-2406 was given an international designation 2004-021A and the NORAD number 28352. According to NORAD data, inclination of the initial orbit of Cosmos-2405 is 71.0 degrees, orbital period is about 102 minutes. Apogee of the orbit is about 890 km, perigee - 850 km..

The launch of this satellite was first attempted at April 25, 2004, but because of a malfunction of the launch system it was postponed three times, after which the attempts were abandoned on April 27, 2004.