The satellite that was launched on May 28, 2004 was designated Cosmos-2405 despite the fact that this designation has been used before. It was given to the Molniya-1T satellite launched on February 18, 2004. The Cosmos designation was also used for Raduga-1 satellite launched on March 27, 2004 (it was designated Cosmos-2406). This was a breach of the long-established tradition of giving satellites of these types Molniya and Raduga designations, not Cosmos, usually reserved for most of other military satellites.

According to Novosti kosmonavtiki, on May 31, 2004 Space Forces’ press service informed them about an official decision to give these satellites their usual Molniya and Raduga names. The decision “released” the Cosmos-2405 designation, which was used for the new military satellite that was launched on May 28, 2004. NORAD, apparently unaware of the change, designated the new satellite Cosmos-2407.