Building blocks of the future fissile material (cut-off) treaty

Pavel Podvig, "Building blocks of the future fissile material (cut-off) treaty," Presentation at the UN First Committee side event, New York, 20 October 2016. The event is hosted by Canada with introductory remarks by Ambassador Rosemary McCarney of Canada and Special Envoy for Disarmament Affairs, Knut Langeland of Norway.

The event will take place on 20 October, 13:15-14:45, in UN Conference Room 6. A light lunch will be provided to participants next to the Vienna Café.

This presentation will consider the emerging consensus regarding the basic elements of the future fissile material treaty. It will discuss key obligations, structure of verification arrangements, production of fissile materials for civilian and non-weapon military use, and potential role of the treaty in addressing the issues of existing stocks and nuclear disarmament. The presentation will also consider challenges of verifying declarations of existing fissile material stocks as well as practical approaches to dealing with these challenges. Finally, the presentation will outline the challenge of addressing existing disparities in a non-discriminatory treaty.


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